March 11, 2014

I Think about Time

I think making time for oneself is important. I think it´s often too easy to say there´s no time. I think about it and how easy it is to while away time and how easy it is to make time when there's no time.
 I realized that making time is really the key to my happiness these days.
 So these are the 5 things I try to make time for everyday.
1. To wake up around 30 mins earlier than my son. This give me time for a  nice relaxing shower and to look and feel great for the day.

2. To sit down and have a decent lunch.  I wait until I have the time to do this. I love to enjoy mine, since I'm an extremely slow eater while my son naps.

3. Since I'm mildly OC ( I'm sure Luis will beg to differ and will decribe me slightly higher up that scale of OC'ness), I find sparing at least 30 min a day for organization keeps my head clear. A lot better than me going around and saying "oh no, oh no, this is driving me nuts"

4. I'll make time for a cuppa and a slice of somesort.  For me my guilty pleasure has always been a piece of cake, or lately not sure why TWIX. Marsha, chocolate? Seriously. Never used to. Anyways, I've lately been enjoying my Chai Tea with spicy spices.

5. To connect with a friend, read or write. This one is so important especially when I contact or drop a note to a friend,  as God only knows what great friends I have  in my life and so making an effort is a priority for me these days.  Again I say, love the people that really love you.
                          " Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate
but for those who love, time is eternal."
- William Shakespeare


  1. Hi Marsha! Glad to have discovered your blog. Thanks for making to connection to say hello. You're so spot on with this. I think you are right that simply taking time for a little things like this helps me get through the day. I love to linger over my lunch too. Hubby always says to me, why don't you just munch your lunch quickly at the table while you are feeding the kids at the table to get it over and done with. But I'd rather wait until everything is cleared away and the kids are sleeping for some quiet time to savour each bite... even if it's just a simple sandwich. And I also need my daily dose of something sweet... a cookie or a slice of cake or a chocolate bar. Helps me get through the day!

  2. Waiting for your next blog update. You write really well!